Relay For Life InWorldz Highlights: Why I Relay?

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The attendees of the Relay For Life InWorldz kick off answer the question ‘Why I  Relay’

“I relay for my maternal grandmother who I never knew who passed when my mother was quite young and for my many co-workers and associates who have lost family.” – Ivanglas Randall (Relay For Life Volunteer)

“ I relay because I am a Survivor and the world needs MORE survivors. I relay because I am a Caregiver and the world needs MORE caregivers. BUT I relay because on July 4th, 2012, I joined the battle again and the world does NOT need any more of THAT. ” – Aryon Dagger (Cancer Survivor, Caregiver and Relayer Volunteer)

“ My father was 1st time as a caregiver some 22 years ago and I am so thankful here still with me today, but Some of my friends won their battle too. But I also lost many dear friends to this horrible disease and I can not stand by and do nothing. SO I Relay for all of them and everyone I meet. I am not the same person I was 4 years go, Relay was a life changing event just like so many. It changed my goals for the future and how I choose to do with my life.” – Bain Finch (Caregiver, Relay For Life InWorldz PR Chairman)

“ I relay because I lost my mother to cancer the day after Christmas 1992 and my sister is a survivor of breast cancer.” kyfire Oakleaf ( Relay For Life Volunteer)

“In my work i’ve seen such bravery and such courage. Much to give me inspiration and reflection on the strength of the human spirit.” – Kasha Selona (Relay For Life Volunteer) :

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