Relay for Life in InWorldz: Weefolks For a Cure

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 WeeFolks For a Cure are a fine group of relayers across the entire grid made up of Wynx Tinies, AMB Tinies, CABS tinies Dinkies, Dwagons, Steambots and Hatchlings. Team Captain Oldesoul Eldamer 

I personally got involved in Relay For Life with a little push from friends. My first season as captain, was two years ago so this is our third year of Relay For Life of InWorldz. I must say, I have had some of the most wonderful Weefolks and others to help along the way.We are here to pawchop cancer. So many of our family members and friends have been affected by this dreaded disease and it is just not acceptable! We relay because it is the right thing to do and we are able to do this for our friends and family. “

He continues:

Our goal for this season is to smile, have fun, and do pawsome things – We don’t make a monetary goal because we want everyone to feel included and be a part of the team. It takes a lot to run a team. Many different folks can give in so many ways.


Those inferested  can donate to Weefolks and their community by visiting their Convio page


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