Relay For Life in InWorldz Team: Roleplay For Life

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Roleplay for Life consists of multiple roleplay sims representing many genres, Team captain Bim Rasmuson states:
 Roleplayers as a whole are very “COMMUNITY” focused and are a natural fit for raising money for this worthy cause. In 2014, I decided we needed our own team for Relay For Life to focus our charitable efforts in virtual worlds where we all spend a lot of time. We all joined to form the Roleplay for Life group for many of the typical reasons groups join Relay for Life: it’s a great, noble cause; because we know someone who has been affected by cancer; and to affect positive change in our community. We also hoped to use our unique connection with roleplayers, who often tend to be a “fringe category” of player, to raise mutual awareness between the various charities and the roleplaying community within InWorldz.”
She continues stating:
“We felt our involvement in Relay for Life benefits not only a wonderful cause, but also benefits those who may feel removed from the mainstream, but wish to become more involved in such events.”
Roleplay for Life finished their 2014 RFL season raising over I$200,000 or $500 and have plans to exceed that goal during the 2015 Season. 



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