Relay for Life Event Weekend Kicks Off!

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Yesterday was the start of Relay for Life Weekend! Events kicked off at 10 am slt with the opening ceremony. You can view the opening ceremony below:

The day carried on with non stop relaying and of course events! Live performers, djs, and team events packed the four region area, where revelers parties in between relaying:

Teams and avi relayed all night, I even managed to walk and run five complete laps around the track:

As I relayed, I noticed many awesome and inspiring builds:

And of course teams! One team which stood out in particular was the Purple Tears team. Purple Tears had team members on their campsite, from 10 am slt on Saturday, all the way until today.

I spoke with team captain, Jill Caldero, who said that she started relaying in 2006 and in 2007 she started a team in memory of her uncle, Stephen, who she lost in 2006.  In Jill’s words “He was a brave fighter for over 10 years with lymphoma and the biggest thing he taught me, was to celebrate everything. So it sparked us to create a group for people who have been touched by the loss of a loved one and our team has evolved into over 100 people! What better way to celebrate :).”

Jill described her team as being “ full of committed member who are so passionate, that whether they walk ten steps or all night, they know the real meaning of family and friendship and share it with everyone that passes.”

The 24/7 Relay for Life Telethon also kicked off yesterday and view the entire show here 

Linden Labs even got into the spirit of things and had a specially created Relay for Life Linden Bear, which you could own for the low cost of 300L’s, with 100% of the proceeds going to Relay for Life:

If you missed the event weekend you can still teleport into the region areas and view the nice builds, donate, and the relay still continues until July 31! Join the Relay for Life volunteer group in world to keep up to date on the latest team events.

Go Relay!

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