Relay For Life 2013: How Do I Make a Relay For Life Event?

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So you would like to make a Relay For Life event, but you don’t have a team? Well it’s actually never too late to join and create your own RFL team, but if you JUST want to have an event. Here are few tips on how to make a Relay For Life Event.

Do It For A Team Or Just For RFL?

Club Lumuria Event Poster_002
One of the many Event Boards that advertise hundreds of RFL events.

There are 120 Teams taking part in this year’s Relay For Life and they could really help so residents are always welcome to  fund raise on their behalf. You don’t really have to choose a team but it helps to start with this first, since Captains know the rules and regulations needed to carry out and promote an event. To get in touch with a team you just have to go to the Relay For Life of Second Life team page and pick which team you think suits your reason for Relaying.

If you aren’t interesting is fund-raising on behalf a team you could get in touch with the many helpers and mentors that take care of Relay For Life volunteers and members. They are a great source of helpful information.

Choosing a Venue

Relay For Life Events do not have to be extra big or bold, they can be a simple Club Event, or you just wanting to sell some of your creations to gather donations. If you own a club then great! If you don’t  and you know a club that would be interested, you will have to ask permission from the club owner first, don’t worry it is rare than a Club owner, or designer will tell you ‘no’, many owners know about RFL and would like to take part, but you will never know until you ask.

Once you have your Venue, you will ( but not all the time) be working with the members of staff of the club or store. Make sure that you keep in contact with them at all times, keeping up to date with new ideas and information that will help towards creating the event as well as the RFL Team or Volunteers.

Publicizing You Event

Club Lumuria Event Poster_001
Example of a Relay For Life Poster. This one is for an Event for Club Lumuria

If you need help don’t forget to use all the resources you have available to your via the residents you will be working with.  To Promote your event, you will have a large amount of marketing channels opened to you i.e. Team Groups (if  you are fund-raising for a team), the Relay For Life Volunteer group as well as the Second Life Event Calender (which is located on your dashboard when you log into the Second Life website). If you are fund-raising for a team, the team captain will add your event to their team event lists that will appear on the RFL website. Captains can also create posters to give you to hand out to different advertising spots.

One very important tip you must remember when promoting your event is: To get your poster and note card ( of information about your event) to the Captain a week before your event is due to take place. This will give the team Captain or the RFL Volunteer ampule time to make sure that your event is in the RFL advertising system also known as the Relay For Life Event board. The Event board advertises all the team events around the Second life grid, via other Event boards.

And finally, have fun making your event, your event will be helping in the fight against cancer and will help to further cancer research, so enjoy making your event come to life, enjoy working the people around you and remember that you are working together for a common goal.

I hope these tips will help you to create your Relay For Life Event, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to comment on this article and we will be more than happy to help you. For more information on how to join Relay For Life check out our Welcome to Relay For Life 2013 article

To make a Relay For Life event in Real Life in the UK you can check out the Cancer Research UK Webpage  for the US check out the Relay For Life US Website

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