Relay For Life 2012

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Everyone is familiar with the American Cancer Society (ACS), since its creation in 1913, its members have spent countless hours raising money to finance cancer research and products. Relay For Life is the main volunteer event of ACS and in Second Life the residents of RFL do their best to raise money every year to help ACS. This year is  The Torch SL Guide will take part in Relay For Life 2012.


If you are interested in joining the Torch SLG team, please get in touch with Morphman Resident  or KennieM Resident in world or send an email with the Subject: ‘RFL: Time For A Cure’ stating your interest to The Torch SL Guide at  By joining the team you will help to set up fund raising events every month.

If you are interested in Donating to ACS or Relay For Life You can do that in two ways:

1) Clicking the Link beside this article near the Time for A Cure Logo. This will take you to the Relay For Life Donation page.

2) In world you can go to the Torch SL Guide Centre where there are Relay For Life Kiosks. Here you can pay in either Lindens or real money ( Just click on it and it will take you to the donation page).

If you would like to get involved in RFL, without joining Team Torch, get in touch with a RFL Mentor through the Relay For Life Volunteer group ( Copy & Paste in Local Chat in Second Life): secondlife:///app/group/7f1cc591-7968-9204-4082-98c7e544c371/about

Let’s help any way we can. It is Time For A Cure.

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