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Over the months I had been talking about charities, causes and celebrations. For any kind of event, especially a charity one, many might be interested, but may not have the lindens to donate. Or for that matter we all need lindens to shop.

What are the ways to earn lindens?

 Jobs – The popular job agencies in Second Life are Jobs Factory SL Job Agency,  VHEA Employment Agency, Pisces Jobs, Yunix Job Agency,  Jobstar, Job Squad, Top Jobs, People Pool, Job Agency.



I would categorize Jobs as:

  • Club Jobs – Include the positions for: manager, host, DJs, dancers, etc. (Visit any job agency to get more information on openings and apply.)
  • City Jobs – Include positions like doctor, nurse, police, etc. (Since these are role play jobs, they seldom reach the job agencies. It’s better to approach the communities’ head for applying.)
  • Modelling Jobs – Include positions like models for ramp or designer boutique, etc. (There are various modelling agencies that train new models and help build their career. But, this also takes a lot of lindens. For starters, you may apply at shops to models their items. Clothing Couture, Grumble, etc hire models.)
  • Writer Jobs – Include positions like writer, poets, blogger, etc. (The best place to apply for these positions is to keep a tab on the  official communities page of Second Life. Join various groups related to Second Life bloggers on Facebook.)
  • Traveling Jobs – There are agencies that pay to visit places, i.e., the places they are promoting. An avatar is supposed to look around and stay at the place for a fixed time to get paid immediately. To start earning get the Hud either from the marketplace or in-world. (Agencies are Travel Huds, Earn2life, Pay4visit, etc.)
  • Commission based Jobs – Include positions like sales agent, refer a friend, etc. ( For sales agent jobs, approach the real estate owners, builders and designers. Refer a friend to rent or buy property for a specific estate agent. If the sale is made, estate agents give you 10%commission. Like the Miriam Chung Estate Hub, Balanvi Estates.“)

I would categorize Businesses as:
  • Creators – You can make anything and sell your item at the market place by dragging your creation from the inventory to the merchant box to sell at the market place.   Or, if your account is not linked, then you can set up a store in-world in light commercial/residential area.
  • Affiliates / Re-sellers – Visit the market place for more information. You can be an affiliate for free and earn a percentage commission on each sale made in-world. Or you can buy an affiliation and sell for a commission in-world.
  • Breedables – You also have the option to breed worms, plants, domestic and wild animals and sell them in the marketplace or in-world on breedable friendly land. There is a lot of potential in this type of business. The only con is it requires a specific amount of investment to maintain the breeds.  For more information visit Second Life pets.

I would categorize Others as:

  • Contests – There are various dress-up contests over the grid where you can participate. Based on the maximum votes, you can win lindens. For eg: Thematic contests at clubs or Photo contests.
  • Give outs – Join specific groups where there is a GAB meter to get notifications of random string as the code to withdraw money. Like VHEA, studio 777, DJ Milk and Honey Club.
  • Offers and Surveys – As the name suggests, complete offers and surveys of partner agencies to get lindens. For eg: Gamer ATMUTPA Research site for academic surveys, Stuffpoint, etc.
  • Games – Play games like No Devil, etc where you invest money and play to earn lindens.  Like 777 Studio.
  • Hunts – Collect coins or stars or cash, whatever the hunt object is to add lindens to your account. For eg: Rise Stars, Magic Crystals, Treasure Hunt, Gold Hunt, etc.
  • Fishing and/farming: Buy a fishing rod for free in the market place and start fishing at the Magic Fishing, 7 Seas, Rise Stars, etc. If you reel in with a worm costing a minimum of 0.10 L$, you have a better chance to win more lindens. You can also grow worms and sell them in-world to other players. Teleport here.
  • Vote off: Pay the Vote-off terminals to vote-off a player and enter your name for 5 levels. Each person who enters earns 20% at each level and other candidates earn 10%. Teleport to the headquarters.
  • Daily work: This is an interesting category. The AEM provides lindens for watering a plant and playing a guitar. Teleport to the location.

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