Raid The Marketplace – Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is getting closer so it’s time to turn to our favorite internet hangout, the Marketplace.

Today I’ll guide you to some of the best affordable thanksgiving decorations, food and clothes.

For Her, we have this stunning Pilgrim outfit for no money at all, but hurry up, it will only be available until after Thanksgiving. The hat is modable, so if you’re a man and just want a pilgrim hat, this is a good deal for you too.

For the man who wants a complete outfit, this one for just 1L$ has many modable options with resize scripts in almost every part. It’s a bit darker than usual and complements the female outfit perfectly.

What is a Thanksgiving without the main attraction, the food? This complete set for 185L$ is copyable, so you can set out as many plates as you need to entertain all your guests. One of each is just 66 prims and our feast for 8 people, with a side of pie for everyone, is 147 prims.

Food is not enough on a Thanksgiving table, you need decorations too. This beautiful floral arrangement costs just 1L$ and is also transferable, so you can bring it as a gift if you’re one of the guests.

To cap the evening off, why not enjoy some of SL’s finest wine? This beautiful set covers two people and is transferable, so you can give each guest their own glass. If you have more than six guests, the set is completely free, so you can get as many as you need.

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