Raid The Marketplace: On Father’s Day!

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Since today is Father’s day for some countries in the world. ( Countries). We decided to whip up a quick Raid the Marketplace: Top 5 great SL Father’s Day gift according to Morphman DeClaun.

1. The All Time Favourite, Father’s Day Shirts

Created from templates by Thor’s Oaks, there is nothing better than saying ‘I love you SL Dad’ then by giving him his own t-shirt.

2.  Savvy Business Suit

There is nothing like having an SL dad who looks his best. It’s always nice to give him a suit. This costs 50L$

3. The Best  Dad in the World Mug

A Gift made especially for Father’s Day. The Best Dad in the World Mug is just what he needs to put in his home, or to just show off as evidence.

4. Elegant Dark Tie

A nice tie to go with his Savvy Business Suit.

5.  The Doctor Who Fez

Because Fezzes are cool.

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