Raid The Marketplace: Jamaica’s 50th Independence Day

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Today Jamaicans every where will be celebrating their 50th Independence Day. Since the editor of The Torch is of Jamaican descent this means that, yes, everyone at the Torch will be forced the celebrate this day. So here is a raid the Marketplace just for Jamaica’s Independence Day.

250c8ee08a73fffafb8935babf1525e7 With the colours of not only the Jamaican Flag,but also the Rastafarian Flag, Rock’n Rose Bracelet is only 1L$ Jamaica

Another one not only for the patriotic Jamaican but for any one who loves Jamaican music, this Jamaican Flag Cheek Tattoo is just 10L$ 


From one of the Best clothing stores in Second Life, ZIBWARE presents their Jamaica collection. A series of patriotic, and sexy clothing for men and women. Price Range of 79L$ and Up.

For more items check out the SecondLife  Marketplace and Search, Jamaica.

Enjoy your Jamaica Day.

Jamaica National Anthem, Sing it if you know it.

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