Raid The Marketplace: It’s Swimsuit Season!

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Although it doesn’t really look like that outside right now in England, it’s actually summer and many of us ( who are lucky enough to have the sun baring down on us), should be heading out to the beach. Thank goodness we will live in a virtual world, where sunny days exist until we decide that we’re going to make it all sad with wind lights and textured rain. The girls (and guys of the Torch SL Guide) decided to raid the marketplace, for that perfect outfit to help us soak up those virtual rays. We found Isabel Silversmith’s collection:


Miss Paige is wearing:

.:: DELISH ::. One Piece Swim Suit – Teal – 1L$


.:: DELISH ::.   Cut Out V2 -  Black – 1L$


.:: DELISH ::. Tiki Swim suit – 29 – 1L$

Mr Morphman

 .:: DELISH ::.  Male Swim Trunks -  V1 19 – 1L$


Miss June is wearing:

.:: DELISH ::. Cut Out Swim Suit – V1 01 Black – 1L$

 June Gold

.:: DELISH ::.Cut out Swim suit – V5 Gold – 1L$


Mr Look is wearing:

.:: DELISH ::. Male  Swim Trunks -  V1 27 – 1L4


Miss Izzie is wearing:

.:: DELISH ::. Cut out Swimsuit V4 – 08 Steel Blue – 1L$


More of these brilliant swim wear check out .:: DELISH ::. on the Marketplace

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