Raid the Mark- Um How Do I Open Items From The Marketplace?

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Opening packages that have been delivered to you through Second Life’s marketplace is really hard, right?

Nope. It’s quite easy, although a lot of people have troubles with it, especially when you end up with a massive box attached to your avatar’s arm or whole body. Here is a step by step guide to opening a package delivered to you from the marketplace.


Step One: Drag the Item from your inventory on to the ground. This is known as Rezzing. Most items delivered from the Marketplace be transferred in the ‘Objects’ Folder in your inventory.

Opening Packets part 1

Step Two: Right click the items and go to open. Some items allow you to click directly on the package to open them. Vendors call the act of clicking on the box to open, ‘Touch’.

Opening Packets part 2

Step Three: When a box is ‘touched’, or right-click and opened, a window of content will appear on your screen. This will show  you all the items within the package. ‘Copy to Inventory’ will  transfer the items into your inventory.

Opening Packets part 3

Step Four: Your new items are now in your inventory ready for you to wear or rez. Remember clicking the Recent tab will show you all the items that have recently gone into your inventory. This tab only works from the time you log in until the time you log out. Once you’ve logged back into Second Life you will have to go Inventory diving for anything you need. If you remember the name of the item, you can use the ‘Search Filter’ bar to help.

 Opening Packets part 4

That’s it, I told you it wasn’t hard.

Oh, almost forgot, to delete the package after you have transferred your items, just right-click and delete, it will place the empty box into your trash folder. Keep rezzing areas prim free and clean for other residents!

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