Project Sansar recruits clothiers from Second Life with free trial offer of popular 3D creation software

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Linden Lab released a public version of Project Sansar some time ago and now they’ve teamed up with Marvelous Designer to try and recruit talented content creators from Second Life.

Project Sansar works a lot like Second Life and Linden Lab has made sure that from a designer standpoint, there will be little to no difference in how content is created in both worlds. However, with the new and improved physics engine, Sansar can handle more advanced things like cloth simulation, allowing for a more natural and realistic look.

Marvelous Designer is a fairly unknown but highly advanced 3D creation software capable of running these cloth simulations and much, much more. But many content creators shy away from it due to the price tag, $50 per month or $300 per year.

To solve this, Linden Lab now offer a 60-day free trial for Marvelous Designer to anyone with a Project Sansar account, even brand new accounts. They also built in an “industry first integration” for MD into Sansar, so you can import your project directly from the software and get your designs straight to the Sansar Store.

So if you’re a content creator for Second Life, especially if you deal with Mesh (and even Bento), both Project Sansar and Marvelous Designer will be free for you for a limited time. So give yourself a second store front as a Christmas present and try it out.

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