Project FUR Japan: A Voice for a Bark & a Purr.

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It only takes one voice to catch the attention of many, but would if you don’t have a voice. What if you were someone who had no voice at all, someone who was completely looked over if tragedy struck. Project Fur Japan give a voice to those you can not speak for themselves. No I’m not talking about people, I’m talking about animals. On March 11th 2011, tragedy struck the country of Japan, everyone was and still is suffering but while people help each other the animals are easily overlooked.  The Torch SLG got in touch with one of the three brains behind the Project Fur Japan, Blazin Aubret, and found a woman who leant her voice those in need of one:

Who are you and what is your association with Project Fur Japan?

I’m just a girl from Pennsylvania who is a life long lover of animals, and a huge animal advocate. I am one of those people that can’t

Project Fur Japan

even watch sad commercials with animals because I’ll cry myself to sleep. There are three of us associated with Project FUR Japan. Myself, Tristan Careless, and Sanura Snowpaw. Sanura im’d when she heard about it and instantly wanted to get involved and help. She helped organize the Pacific Coast Fundraiser and she’s been wonderful!

What are the aims of Project Fur Japan?

The aims are nothing but this: to help rescue and give medical attention, food and supplies to the lost and abandoned animals after the horrible earthquake in Japan. I have investigated charities and have decided on a group called JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support). This group is actually 3 animal rescue groups that joined forces together to go over to Japan and rescue these poor babies that have either lost their familes or have been seriously injured after the earthquake. All three are no-kill groups, which I feel very very strongly about.

How did you come up with the idea of Project Fur Japan? How did you come up with the idea of doing a show via

Second Life to help and show your support?

Well I remember it clearly. My SL partner, Tristan Careless, knows how much I love animals. He logged on one night and said “omg babe, you have to help them, look at this video” He sent me a link to a now viral video of the two dogs in Japan, one suffering horribly, clinging onto life ( I have chills even typing that), and the other dog standing by his side, putting his paws on him, protecting him. Right then I said “That it, it’s on”. I spoke to everyone I knew, I told them to speak to everyone they knew. I contacted organizers of other fundraisers in Second Life asking them how to get this off the ground. Everyone was so supportive, everyone wanted to help, people begged to help me. My friend Minnu Palen of LeLutka gave us money to rent a sim for the cause. We put the word out everywhere we needed designers to donated things, and the outpouring was amazing. We now have 270 designers signed up:) The people of Ozimals reached out and are making a special bunny, Kittycats, the cat breeders, are making a special Japanese cat, and the Virtual Kennel Club is also making special animals for the cause. They all have just been amazing, every last designer has just touched my heart.

Wow you said you have 270 designers who have signed up to Project Fur Japan. Who are they? You give a few names?

ProjectFURJapan (blazin.aubret): Hmm well I don’t want to single any designers out as they have ALL been equally gracious to take the time out to donate items, but the list is on our blog.

When is the event going to be held? Is there still time for designers to get involved? And If there are resident who aren’t designer who want to get involved is it possible for them? How can they get involved with PFJ?

Great question! We are going to open tomorrow, Saturday, April 2nd. I’m shooting for 9 am but I still have to speak to the other two brainchilds of the project so we all agree. We are ALWAYS looking for designers. I am keeping the sim open for 3 weeks and they are welcome to join in at any time. They can sign up. Their application will go directly to our spreadsheet which we check frequently. They will then get a group invite and a folder with the items they will need. Included is a vendor we made for the project that automatically gives 100% of the proceeds to the cause. We do not accept anyone that will donate less than 100% as we feel no one should benefit from this than the animals.

And finally, what are your hopes for this event? How would you feel if this even were (as it will be) a success?

My hopes are that I send this money to JEARS, they take it, and with that money they are able to give the medical care to a sick animal that they couldn’t have beforehand because they didn’t have the funds. My hopes are that they can fly another volunteer out to Japan, and that volunteer will find more animals they may have not been found without our donation, and they will be saved. The success of this depends on our Second Life community, we need their help to get the word out about this cause, to teleport to the sim and buy the designs that have been donated. All I want is to save these babies, its my entire heart, always has been, and forever will be.

For more information on Project Fur Japan Visit the Website and be sure to show your support by attending this amazing event on April 2nd 2011 at 9pm SLT. Project FUR Japan Limo

Want to get involved with Project Fur Japan? Get Your Application

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