My Top 10 Nostalgic Christmas Commercial Part 3

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And Finally My Top Three, Did you guess correctly?

3. The Christmas Truce

I remember hearing about this in history, deep in the bowels of World War I, Soldiers venture out into no man’s land to talk, exchange gifts and just enjoy Christmas together. This totally happened,there were a series of widespread unofficial ceasefires between French, British and German forces. The commercial shows British Soldiers in the trenches during 1914. Everything looks gloom with the flashing and popping of bombs and gunfire, but over it the sound of singing is heard. The German soldiers are singing ‘Silent Night’ and not long after the British soldiers join in. The singing echoes into the night. In the morning, a British officer ventures out into no man’s land. His fellow soldiers are alarmed by this, no doubt thinking he was trying to get shot. He is spotted by a German officer, who alerts the others, but notices that he is unarmed and has his arms up. The German officer ventures out into no man’s land to meet him. They introduce themselves to each other and soon both British and German soldiers greet each other in no man’s land, talking and sharing jokes. They spend Christmas together, playing football and exchanging gifts until the sound of bombs and gunfire return reminding them of their reality. Both forces return to their trenches and we are left thinking are they are going to continue the fight. I remember seeing this Christmas Ad by Sainsbury’s supermarket on TV and smiling. Yes, Christmas is for mass commercialism but to many it’s about bringing people together, and good will towards man. This commercial perfectly captures that. It reminds us that no matter what conflict we have with each other, we are all human and we all celebrate the holidays. I love this commercial. It is the perfect Nostalgic Christmas Commercial.

2. Amazon’s Imam and the Priest

Yeah, I’m cheating, this one is new, its from this year but I will always remember this commercial and it will be nostalgic to me. The commercial follows a Priest and an Imam meeting for lunch, they talk for sometime and when its time to leave, they both have trouble getting up from their seats because of their knees. Something they both acknowledge and joke about. After the Imam leaves the Priest, thinking about his friend, goes on Amazon to buy something. The Imam, on his way home also thinking about the Priest, does the same. The commercial finishes showing them both getting their respective gifts from each other which is shown to be knee pads which helps to protect their knees during their prayer sessions. A lot like the Sainsbury commercial, it embodies exactly what Christmas is about, looking out for your friends and your family. At a time when the world looks hopeless, this commercial goes a bit further and shows you that we are all the same. It’s the season for giving, and looking out for each other.

1. Holidays Are Coming

Of course this one was going to be number one, what made you think this wasn’t going to be number one. To many of us it is not Christmas until you see this commercial and hear the words ‘ Holidays Are Coming’. We all know this advert. A little boy sees the convoy of Coca Cola trucks coming towards his town, he quickly alerts everybody by bringing the bell and makes his way towards them. The trucks drive through town surrounded by people but unfortunately the young boy misses it, running out into the street where he sees the image of Santa Claus, who winks at him and teleports a bottle of coca cola into his hand. I always loved this commercial as kid and even now as an adult, being the cynic I am,a little part of me still doesn’t think its Christmas until I see the Coca Cola commercial play on TV (Or on Youtube, it follows me everywhere now). I was even able to see the Coca Cola trucks this year because they came to my home town and even save out free coca!


Well that is my 10 Nostalgic Christmas Commercials.

I hope you agree with the entries in my lift. If I missed any feel free to let me know by commenting below and sharing your list.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a Fantastic New Year.

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