PiRabbit – A new exhibit by Elbow Muggins

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Visual and Musical Art

Friday, April 1 through Thursday, June 30, 2011 at Art’e Gallery – East River Community – Helvellyn (67, 230, 31)

A new exhibit of art by Elbow Muggins.

A commercial illustrator in real life, Elbow has worked with many national accounts and recognizable brands, as well as selling fine art to galleries and private collectors from around the world. Elbow will display his art work, photography and writing in the 6,750 square-meter, three-story gallery.

The first floor will be based around his newest book, “PiRabbit”. A children’s story about breaking the stereotype of what a hero looks like. The art will be done in storyboard form and hung in two-page spreads that you read as you walk or cam around the room. This eliminates the slow rez that books often encounter and allows the reader to easily experience this engaging tale.

The second floor will have paintings, ink sketches and Second Life photography by Elbow.

To celibrate the exhibit, live music will be presented on Sunday, April 3rd, from Noon until 1pm, SLT.  Truely talented Maximillion Kleene (Max) draws crowds with his wide range of styles, skill and charming personality.


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