Photocontest at Second Eye

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Second Eye Contest Info
SECOND EYE Beach Club is proud to announce the Contest Portrait, Couples – PHOTO 2011.

The Photo Contest is sponsored by the Beach Club SECOND EYE, SECOND EYE, The TORCH SL Guide IN CORPORE and Your Machinima.
The competition is restricted to residents of Second Life.
The registration will be available throughout the duration of the competition.

In order to take part in the competition you need to be a member of SECOND BEACH CLUB Group, membership is free and it only takes a few seconds to join (tap the SECOND EYE BEACH CLUB GROUP Inviter and follow the local chat).  Isnt a good idea to follow the Contest? Remember, you need to use the tag group in order to enter the Contest.

The contest will have two awards: one by a public vote (which will be available for votes on the Contest Board) and another vote by a Jury.

The pictures or textures for  the contest  must be sent with full permissions to Sara Zuta. If a photo or texture is not approved, Sara Zuta will refund the registration fee.

After review and approval the photo will be placed for public vote and jury vote.

The contest theme is Couples.  Remember that close-ups are welcome, but also pictures of the entire body. In any case, make sure that the focus in your photos should be a couple.

Landscapes and other elements that enhance the photograph are welcome. Second Eye Island Contest Area

Public vote

The voting board will load your profile picture by default. Once loaded, you can change the profile picture, carrying another photo / texture. To do this, hold down the CTRL key and drag the photo / texture to the competition. It will remain available for the votes to the public (REMEMBER do not forget to send the texture / perm full picture to Sara Zuta  avatar, or you risk having your panel closed ).

Jury vote

The public panel will be submitted to the jury vote, a panel that is permanently on display for review and vote by a jury, which will occur at the end of the Contest and will be published in the group and other media disclosure in SL and other sites.
General Considerations

The pictures can be taken in the virtual world using all available means, such as photography studios. Photos can also be post-processed using programs like Photoshop or Gimp or similar.

Photos / textures to the contest may be used by SECOND EYE Beach Club or Sara Zuta for marketing purposes, inside or outside the in-world.

Entering the contest implies acceptance of these rules.


. Public vote

The public vote will have a prize of 3.500 L.
There will be three winners. The total prize will be awarded between the rated pictures, with the values shown in the Photo Contest Board.

The winning photos and a selection of choice of the organization, will be displayed in the SECOND EYE Beach Club for at least three weeks, and also announced at the SECOND EYE Beach Club Group.

Only the three highest vote count will be considered to select the winner by the public vote.

Competitors who use lawful means least, to try to manipulate or disrupt the contest  with fewer inappropriate actions will be removed or deleted without warning or refund. The decisions of the host of the contest are final and irreversible and there is no discussion about their decisions. If you have questions please contact Sara Zuta.

If done correctly the image will be displayed and is ready to accept votes. Time to load your contest pic at the menu. (support need ask to Sara Zuta, please).

. Juri vote

The jury will consist of an odd number of avatars. The jury decision is final and incontestable. Casting vote if necessary, will be decided by Sara Zuta avatar.
The prize for the winner(s) will be 5.000 Lindens splited if is necessary.
Menu Help

To change the image, touch panel and you’ll get a menu with some options:
– Image load: Changes the picture to the charging mode image. Update your panel, following the menu.
Tap to keep the image and how to proceed to vote again. (This will happen automatically after two minutes).
If you have disabled “show in search” on your profile, the system will not be able to get your profile picture ..
– Close Menu: Closes the menu with no action
– Abandon: Abandon the panel will close and exit the contest.

Warning: There is no refund!


This contest has paid vote , unlimited votes. Is not it time to invite your friends to come and make their choice?
In this mode the option to vote is payed (symbolic value), each avatar can vote for your favourite photo.

You can not vote for yourself.

SECOND EYE Beach Club, will decide when will be closed to competition for selection of the winner.

The public vote top 5 current votes are listed and constantly updated on the main screen along with the number of votes obtained.

The prize will be divided to three main competitors as the first prize, second and third. In a tie (same amount of votes), there will be division of the premium.

The winning photo may additionally win a prize offered by SECOND EYE.

The winners will be announced in open chat and also displayed in the System Photo Contest.

The jury’s decision will be announced during the awards Gala and celebration for the event. Clearly the jury vote will not match (or perhaps coincide) with the voting public. .It is a matter of sovereign discretion and exclusive quality of the jury.

I can not but wish success to competitors by the public vote and by the jury vote.

Written by Sara Zuta

Pictures used with permission

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