Phoenix Viewer will Have Mesh Support?

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According to Jessica Lyon, one the developer of Second Life third party viewer Phoenix/Firestorm, announced that their Phoenix Viewer might have Mesh support. Thou Viewer1-based viewers is supposed to be unable to hold mesh support, recent development with the Cool VL viewer, developed by Henri Beauchamp who is an avid fan of Viewer1, the technology for mesh in Viewer1 is now a real possibility.

There are a few things to concider thou. Phoenix is still a has-been project, and the development team is still directing their focus on Firestorm and will therefore not have support for Phoenix in the future. This is because Viewer1-based viewers are already on life support and the work with retrofitting the V1-based viewers is way much more than it would take to build new viewers based on V2 and V3. What took 9 months to do on V1 took only 2 weeks to do on Firestorm.

Another issue is that mesh requires SSE2, a protocol not supported by older computers, so a final Phoenix Viewer without mesh will also be released until you with older computers can upgrade. By then you should also have a computer good enough for Firestorm and Viewer2/3.

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