Phoenix Viewer: Now With Mesh Option

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A couple of months ago we reported a rumor that stated that the Phoenix Viewer would have mesh. They explained that Phoenix could not have mesh because of the codes that were used to make Mesh available in viewer 1.5. According to the Phoenix Blog, that is now   made possible. The Phoenix Crew gave thanks to the creator of Cool VL Henri Beauchamp, who shared the information of how to get Mesh working in viewer 1.5 (Cool VL was one of the first viewer 1 that became compatible with mesh, when it was said that viewer would not function with the new mesh upgrade.)  According to the Phoenix Blog:

Firstly I want to make it clear that the only reason the phoenix viewer has mesh now is because of the tireless and determined efforts of Henri Beauchamp of the Cool VL Viewer. I would encourage those of you who appreciate these efforts to thank him personally. Credits and Kudos! Thank you Henri!

– Phoenix Blog

It also states that the RLVa function of Phoenix will not be updated, according to the Phoenix Blog:

RLVa has not been updated in this Phoenix viewer release. This was my decision, not that of Kitty Barnett. Although I said some time back we would update RLVa in Phoenix it became obvious that the work/time commitment involved in doing so was simply not reasonable or responsible. Kitty is a very valuable asset to this team and I refuse to take her away from the ground breaking work she does in Firestorm and v2/v3 to put a large time commitment into a dying viewer code base. She is worth far more than that. If you want updated RLVa I would suggest using the Firestorm Viewer or Kitty’s own Viewer Catznip. I offer you my sincerest apologies for going back on my word in regards to RLVa update in Phoenix, however I believe it was the right decision.

– The Phoenix Blog

More information can be found on the blog entry for Phoenix and  to download the new Phoenix viewer .

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  1. If you run a Thomas Covoner security orb like i do, i just got this advice:


    The newest version of Phoenix (version has a severe bug which makes menu systems on deeded security systems to completely fail to work! This problem has been detected in both Macintosh and Windows version of the phoenix viewer.

    If you experience this problem, here is how to fix it:

    First uninstall the newest phoenix viewer, then download one of the following older versions:

    Windows version:

    Macintosh version:

    And please report this bug to the official phoenix bug report web-site so they can fix it in next release!

    Thank you,

    Thomas Conover

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