Phoenix Firestorm 3.2 is OUT!

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Love Mesh? Love Phoenix? Love Firestorm? Well Phoenix Firestorm 3.2 has been released, following  a few weeks after Linden Labs’ own Viewer 3.2, which got rid of the Basic and Advance Menus (Thank GOD!).

While the previous Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Mesh was a beta, this is, according the Phoenix Viewer Blog, is the official release. They comment:

“We realize this release has been long overdue and we appreciate your patience while we have been very very busy over here in Phoenix Project land working hard to be able to offer you an official release of the Firestorm viewer. It was very important to us to ensure that Firestorm was as bug free and feature complete as possible before calling it an ‘official release’. We did not want to disappoint or insult you by giving you something that isn’t ready and still calling it an official. Although this release isn’t entirely bug free (no viewer ever is of course) or 100% feature complete it sure is damn close! So with that said, we are very proud and excited to offer you the Official Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Release! “

– Phoenix Viewer Team

Enjoy Phoenix Firestorm 3.2  

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