Penti – Bosk, A Dip In The Nature (new video and single)

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The serene notes of Isdiri Misti Sini had us at the office enthralled. When we got a note that Marco Porcelli, aka Penti, had released yet another single, I jumped over it as soon as I could, popping up that press kit and put the song on.

I can tell you right away, this song couldn’t have come at a better time for me, after all the stress on a particularly busy day, hearing that guitar whisk me away to a far off land, where the grass is always green, but the leaves have just turned autumn red. This song is more than just ambiance thou, it is an experience!

Bosk makes perfect use of all instruments in an expertly put together composition that never strays away from the emotions, but still manages to enhance them as the song progresses. As the final tones ring out, I found myself shocked to be sitting there in my chair, as I could’ve sworn I was walking through a green field of grass, bordering the sea, atop a hill and watching the seagulls in the distance. I listened to it again, and these same images popped into my head, even as I was doing other things and again, when the final tones ring out, I find myself shocked to just be sitting there, looking into nothing at all.

Porcelli has a way with his music to take your mind off everything else and just follow his vision, but here is a scary (or perhaps proving) point: I checked out his video for this song, and it mirrored the images in my head perfectly!

Such is the power in this wordless piece of art, that I didn’t have to see the video to see exactly what Porcelli himself had envisioned for the song.

Penti has made his music available to all people, breaking the language barriers by having his instruments speak the words in the form of notes, conveying emotions instead of words, thoughts instead of talk and brings a sort of surreal experience in a very serene manner.

I will leave you all with a quote from the artist himself, as he describes what the music is to him:

I think that the changes in the world of music leads the musician to review its responsibilities and taking care of other aspects that were previously assigned to others as the creation of a videoclip.

My music is almost entirely instrumental and it is essential to tie it to an imaginary, to compose the notes is not enough, I have to combine the images at once.

Armed with cameras and go pro I ran between time-lapse and natural landscapes at a time, the spring, the transition between the cold and hot.

The song undergoes a change in its rhythmic flow where the clouds and the trees bare of the first scenes we get to the meadows of the sea and sunsets that both remind us of summer

Bosk, A Dip In The Nature can be found here!

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