Out of the Gray: Another Good Band Gone

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When I was working with BIAS on MySpace, I would email artists in hopes of getting an email back saying they would love to be interviewed by me. So when I received an email from a band without asking, I was over the moon. Out of the Gray was an alternative band based in Bolton, England UK that disband in 2007. a few weeks before they split up they sent a coupleof their songs to my BIAS email for a review. I was a little disappointed when I found out they disbanded before I got a chance to talk to them. They were the start of my love for unsigned and independent music artists.


During their time, Out of the Gray wrote and released one album consisting of 10 songs they were: Butterflies, Just Enough, Washed Away, Air to Breathe, Siempre, Dream Between The Lies, Late Lunch, Misty Morning, Broken Memories and Indecision. In 7 years I still haven’t listening to all of their songs, just the ones that were sent to me via email and they were Butterflies, Just Enough, Washed Away, Air to Breathe, Siempre and Late Lunch. These songs become the soundtrack to my second year of college and listening to them now brings back a lot of Nostalgic memories of that year. Although this band was small time and only existed on MySpace, they did a lot in their time, making some seriously incredible songs that I passed onto friends and each of the six songs I listened to I enjoyed immensely. I remember listening to them every day on my way to college, even now I still can’t help but belt out the chorus of ‘Just Enough’. The lyrics of each of the songs shows a passion for music that you only see with unsigned bands. Don’t get my wrong main stream does show passion as well especially with artists like Beyonce but it’s so hard to find something genuine any more. With Out of the Gray it’s there from the start, take ‘Butterflies’ for example, a love ballad about the feeling of falling in love and the beginning of a new relationship, something everyone who has ever liked any one has felt. It’s a simple acoustic song that really digs deep into how you react, what you think and how you feel when you are beginning a relationship.


According to their MySpace page. a few members of Out of the Gray have been busy since they split up, and have formed another band called Second Hand Wings. They currently unsigned but we’ll get back to them another time.

Overall and after all these years I still enjoy Out of The Gray because it holds a lot of nostalgia for me, they are easy listening and definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Thank you 🙂
    Made my day! I live in Prague now, but OOTG still brings back many happy memories. I’m playing my first gig with my new band here in Prague on Friday night – perhaps it’s time to resurrect Just Enough 🙂
    Paul (Yarky) Dean

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