Other Games (The Mobiles and Indies) (MCM London October 2014 Coverage)

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This section is for the mobile and app games that where on show. Like the other games, some I got to play, some I didn’t. Time is precious at these things. Anyway, to the games.

The stand out (of the ones I played) was “Ready Steady Play” by Cowboy Games. They had the game on some iPads but it is available on all phone and tablet devices, (App store, Google Play, Amazon appstore for android and Windows phone store). The game consists of a selection of simple mini-game style games where you (a pixel cowboy) compete in. There’s a jumping side-scroller, a keepy-upy coin game, s tap shooter and a few other. By my count, there was around half a dozen games, all varying in type but all having the same modern pixel style. I played a few of the game but one that I ended up playing the most was a game where you had to shoot bad cowboys who appeared in a 3×4 grid, before they shot you while not shooting a lady. It sounds simple but I must of put in near half an hour before I pulled myself away from it. It’s a game that goers with the ‘Flappy Bird’ principle. Simple gameplay. Lots of style. And damn addictive!

The ‘Stunt Guy’ series of games that have come to every platform. There’s an unrefined “Trials” style game on pc as well two new outings on the mobiles that where being shown off. One was “Stunt Guy: The Getaway 2.0”. This one is an up-scrolling dodge-a-thing sort of game. Think “Spy Hunter” but not as iconic. Anyway, you drive up through traffic side smashing into things (because rear ending damages you) and jumping of ramp trucks. It’s a free to play game but there are the dreaded ‘microtrasactions’. It seamed to be the ok kind of microtransactions because it wasn’t holding anything back, they where just to help you progress quicker which is (at least) ok. The one disadvantage about the game is that it’s shallow. Not ‘shallow’ as in bad, I mean ‘shallow’ as in not very deep. It’s like a lot of app game were it runs the risk of fading into the background, being a “ehh, it’s alright” game that people know of but don’t play. I think its partly the format because ‘Spy hunter’ style of game has been done to death. One other thing that I found out writing this was that they got in a band to do the music but it just sounds as generic as you can get. Something more over-the-top would have suited and helped it stand out more.

The other (that I didn’t get round to play play but I wish I did) sort of negates this by being a endless platformer. That is “Stunt Gal”, a game based on their Stunt character.

As an added note, they noticed I was press and showed me an early build of their new game (that I can’t remember the name of.). Soon as I played it, it reminded my of some of the old Micro Machines games on the old consoles I used to play. It sort of plays like one. You are a little car that drives on tracks against AI (AI that is pretty ruthless speed-wise) picking up power-ups and dodging power-downs. I was pretty fun, even in its early build stage.

Mutiny” is a (failed) kickstarter PC game where you fight off others (that being AI or another human controlled team) in pirate-y ship combat. I didn’t get to play it at MCM (I saw a crowd and ‘multiplayer’ be brandished so decided no. The same decision that led me to not play Destiny or EVOLVE) but I have since played their alpha build demo from their website. I have to say it is pretty good. The one thing the demo needs is a better control system. At the moment, the alpha build only has controls for a controller. That being a Xbox controller specificity. I can can tell because the game says ‘Press A’ and its on a PC. Apart form that, I like the game, although it is very unrefined in it’s current state.

Terra Tech” is another that I didn’t play but it wasn’t because of the crowd or multiplayer. I was because it is “Minecraft” like where you build a vehicle and a base by gathering resources and get bigger by repeating the process. I may of said “Minecraft” like but the game plays nothing like it. You are in a truck cab (seeing it from 3rd person, flying camera-o-vision) and you must defend it from other vehicles who are out for your demise (for some reason). You can cobble together pretty much any type vehicle if you can scavenge the parts. The base parts are regular parts like wheels, solid blocks as well as lasers and machine guns to protect yourself. But you can find some more exotic parts like hover plates and (after some time) some bug machine parts that will dwarf all. I really like the game but there is one problem and it is a fairly hefty one. The game is currently in beta and available via Humble Bundle. My issue is that is is $29.99 (~£20). For a beta, that is a lot of money to be asking for. To draw on the “Minecraft” comparison again, its beta was 14.95Euro, ~£10 so half the price they are asking. The last early access I brought was for “Wild Warfare” and that was ~£3. The game is great and I really like it, but its pretty pricey as betas go.

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