ONLY: The Band From Iowa

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BIAS ONLY Cover Circa June 2007

Another band from BIAS’ MySpace days was one that I actually got to interview, they were called ONLY, a metal band from Iowa USA. Back then I spoke to the lead singer Sol Bales and he answered the few questions I could think of, even the Totally Random questions (a silly game I made up back then). After reading it through I have to admit it still gets a chuckle out of me.


ONLY is a Metal Rock Band that I came across on MySpace a bit after I found out that Out of the Gray disbanded, I was fully into the swing of things with  BIAS as well as getting into my college routine and ONLY was actually the first band that I had the courage to contact. That being said, I have to admit, I only remember ( although barely) one song from ONLY’s playlist, and I couldn’t find it on their MySpace page. I remember their music being loud, hardcore and as passionate as Out of the Gray, but the difference being that ONLY had the expertise and skill set to make it big. Their instruments sounded flawless and you could hear the strength in each note, riff and cord that is played. Even now listening to their songs after 6-7 years you can hear how this group grew in their music. The strongest song for ONLY, in my opinion is Three Martyrs, since not only do you hear how powerful each instrument is on its own but the vocals of Sol are just pure gold. While Out of the Gray begun my love for unsigned bands, ONLY definitely made me want to explore the unsigned genres even more.


According to their Facebook page ONLY ended in 2012 but once again, three band members went out on their own and started a new band called the GreenDeath, which WE WILL be looking into at another time. How ever you can still check out ONLY on their Facebook page, their MySpace Page and check out the BIAS interview with Sol Bales.

Next week we’ll take a step into Nu Rave with a colourful  group, that introduced me to that genre and was  meant to actually be my first live gig, Trash Fashion.

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