One for the Girls…. and for the boys too

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It had been a long long week, the conference had been interminable, the flight home departed late and the crying kid in the aisle behind only added to my headache. After negotiating the taxi queue and the traffic home, bleary eyed and tired I opened the front door and wandered through my empty quiet house wondering…. until I entered our bedroom!

She must have missed me alot because the next night I arrived home to find her waiting for me again:

Okay so in my dreams maybe, after so many posts highlighting free or low-priced quality men’s fashion, I thought I would change focus for at least one post and highlight something for the ladies of SL. I guess being male in real life influenced my choice of outfits but hopefully no one is complaining.

Tiif is wearing Red Desires from Shadow Moon, and white lingerie from Cero Style, both Darkness Behind Closed Doors hunt gifts.

Picture was taken in my SL home (told you she was waiting for me) and edited as per normal in GIMP

The hunt runs for the month of July and from all accounts there is some great naughty furniture and clothing up for grabs so it might be well worth checking it out. Both of the gifts had male outfits as well, but they just didn’t seem to make it into the final photo shoot, go figure!. The starting point is  Cummere Mayo Creations.

Model: Mtiifu Aunerfal
Words: Steam Engineer
Picture: Steam Engineer

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