SL is a place for creativity, everyone within this vast virtual community  use their creative minds in different ways whether it’s to build their homes, make beautiful art or even amazing games that others can play. The most creative all of these, in our opinion, is the Avi. The way you dress your Avi says a lot about who you are. Many take the traditional approach, while others…well others are just awesome. The Torch SLG  have decided to pay tribute to them by creating the ‘Best Avis Ever Seen’ page. Inspired by a guy we saw on a hunt. Wicked!

SLURL to Grollwerk

 Check this youtube video for more awesome avi’s

8 thoughts on “BEST AVIS EVER

  1. What makes these so special? They all look like cartoon characters of various sorts. I expected to see really great looking, detailed avi’s, not a bunch of sci-fi cartoons.

    1. Editors choice!
      Basically, this is a list of what we think looks great, often from the perspective of how long the person has been in SL, how much effort has been put into it and how it is compared to the standard, dime-a-dozen avatars that you’ll normally see daily.

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