Awesome Builds

So another part of Second Life is building, Like Awesome Avatars, building in Second Life takes some Serious Talent and these are seen all over the virtual world. Every where you go you’ll see the products of time dedicated to making amazing creations around Second Life. This page, Like Awesome Avis was inspired by someone who just blew our minds with her amazingly freaky building skills and every week we will be counting down the best builds we’ve come across. Thanks Cinndreia!


A Futuristic cyberpunk city in Second Life. This awesome build comes from Skill Haks and completely blew out minds when we saw it. Set in the year 2480 under the Gemini Cybernetics Corporation, INSILICO is a roleplay community that welcomes those who are new to role playing and are very interested in living an a cyberpunk world.

Cinndreia Messmers amazing, detailed miniature of the Start Trek starship Enterprise CCinndreia Messmers Star Trek Constitution Class Starship Replica

Cinndreia spent as little as a day on this amazing miniature of the Constitution Class starship from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Virtual London Replica 

Also known as the prim that became a city Virtual London is a perfect Replica of Real Life London. Spanning over four Sims named, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Kensington and Hyde Park, it was created and run by real life Social Media Company Virtually Linked. Virtual London is also the home to The Torch SL Guide’s main Office as well as the Virtual London Fashion Shows with showcase Designers from all over the world as well as all over the Grid and home to several clubs.

The Futuristic City of District X

The city of blue and black seems like a sister version of Insilco, but it isn’t! Created by Rufus Darkwatch, District X is a roleplay city that is home to Cyborgs, Clones, Holograms and much much more, that fit into its story of a futuristic adult themed city that never sleeps.

The Isle of Dee

A magical Medieval Fantasy Sim, this place has had more than one creator, but only the citizens of Dee put it all together to make this magical place. Home to humans, elves, merfolks, drows and other mystical beings, Dee is never dull with exciting story lines to keep role players awed and involved. The Isle is an engaging as it is beautiful.

1920’s Chicago

A Historical roleplay that allows residents to experience the highs and lows of 1920’s America. Created by Shep Moorlord and owned by Shep and Starla Moorlord, Chicago is home to gangsters, flappers, dancers and other characters as well as offers roleplaying opportunities to new members.

The Noob Ring  from RANGS. NYCSL

Shopping around New York City SL, walked into Jewelry RANGS. and found this awesome ring. Boy, if my husband proposed to me with this ring I would have never hesitated.

Dazzo Street built this awesome replica of Ecto 1 from Ghost Busters and Dodge Junkers is modeling for it in her Ghost Busters outfit.