We started the Torch  to help new people get to grips with the Virtual World. Once that happened, we thought, ‘Hey we live in real world, why not help them get to grips with that as well!’ and thus the Torch: Entertainment Guide was born! We write about what we love, books, video games, music, and who doesn’t like a good bit of gossip surrounding Microsoft, EA and Apple now and again? ( We don’t spread gossip, that was a joke.)

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Kennie Morrison

Also known as KennieM

Kennie is the first half of The Torch Entertainment Guide. It was her idea to start an off-world resource to help newcomers to Second Life, the project that later evolved into the website you see today.

With a university degree in journalism, an intense interest in the written word and a passion for virtual reality, she is the editor for Books and Virtual Worlds as well as the Editor in Chief. She makes sure the articles are correct, the sources are valid and the format is right.

Kennie is known as:
Real Life: Kennie Morrison
Second Life: KennieM Resident (Izzie DeClaun)
InWorlds: Izzie Morgan
Forsaken World: IzonaMorph
Star Trek Online: Izona
Steam: KrazieKennie

If you have any news about Virtual Worlds, Books or any questions about these fields, contact her Here.

Chris Carlsson

Also known as Morphman the Clown

Morph Profile
I’m the kind of clown that wonders why people are afraid of us

Chris is the second half of the tag-team that started The Torch Entertainment Guide. He’s the webby, techy guy that makes sure the site runs smoothly and that information gets where it needs to be.

As a real life web developer, former professional musician and life long video game junkie, he’s the editor for Technology, Video Games and Music.

Chris is known as:
Real Life: Chris Carlsson

Second Life: Morphman Resident (Morphman DeClaun)

InWorldz: Morphman DeClaun

Forsaken World: Morphonon

Star Trek Online: CptMorph

Steam: BitterSwede

If you have news about Technology, Video Games or Music or have other information or questions about those subjects, contact him Here.


Also known as AtomP

The resident game reviewer, he likes playing games, and reviews them. That’s all you need to know.

Wil Morris

AKA: That Guy Off The Internet

“The do’er of things, the maker of stuff.”


Wil is the resident Jack of all the Torch, writer, video maker, photographer, as well as the creator of “Retro Monday” and the Youtube Channel ‘Wil of The Torch’


Wil Is known as;

Real Life: Wil Morris

Steam: Wil Morris

PSN: Wil_Morris



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