Noob’s Perceptive- Rebel Bay Club

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The Rebel Bay dance club is a friendly, open place the décor is what you would expect, with large crossed rebel flags on the dance

Rebel Bay


floor.  They seem very open to all; no one even blinked at me being male in RL and female in SL.  One night we even had a Smurf dancing with us.

It seems to be quite newbie-friendly; no one mentioned my relative youth here and I never saw anyone being ragged on for being a newbie.  In fact, there was no ragging beyond some good-natured joking between friends.  Compared to most large gathering spots, Rebel Bay is a very friendly and cordial place none of the nasty flames that I’ve seen in other spots.


Mikey Owner and Creator of Rebel Bay

I asked the owner, Mikey Baccarin about it.  Like most privately owned establishments, he is able to eject troublesome trolls, but it’s very rarely a problem here.  “As far as ejecting and banning goes I have only banned a few people,” he said.  “Ejecting is a last resort… I have not done it but a FEW TIMES.”



Dancing away without a care.

The club is rated Moderate- very moderate; I first arrived for a bikini contest in a very skimpy little thing, and no one had any issue with it.  Tonight I was dancing in one of my more risque tops and again, there was no problems at all.
They host different shows, at various times during the day (and night).  The different dj’s pick their music, though most seem to be open to requests too.  There are a selection of dance balls, with different styles available for both couples and single.  There are also dance poles available, though you’ll need to join up (it’s free!) to dance on the poles.


Andy P

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