No Place Like the Market Place: Freebie/Cheapie Mesh

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First I’d like to say Mesh isn’t the easiest thing to put on or model. This is my first mesh freebie shoot, it was very unpleasant. Anywho Mesh is upon SecondLife and is only limited to the Viewers that have Mesh(Firestorm Viewer 3, Kristens Viewer and Default Viewer 3). It’s nice to know that there is cheap and afford mesh outfits that are out there for newcomers to experience without having to break their piggy banks.


- Quintessencia - Jasmyn Mesh Sandal Gift 02 - by Aleehssandra Moonites L$5
Curious Kitties Dragon Dress – Darkness x Lightness by Ameshin Yossarian L$0″]

The pros of Mesh, there is something new to wear, the clothes look stylish  and the cons on Mesh, there is so many, I think but its really up to you what you think?



June Carlson

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