New Town of Sweden – A place to call home

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New Town of Sweden

Owner: Neo Audran

As many of you know, I (Morphman) am from Sweden, wich is why I was thrilled when I saw an ad for a place called New Town of Sweden. I had to check it out! As it turns out, the town itself is rather small, but has a nice atmosphere to it. It’s not actually moddeled after a swedish town, but an american one, thou all decorations and interiors are taken directly from photos of swedish objects.

The town itself is home to the infocenter, where you can find information about the sim, upcoming events and rentable stores or homes. There are several stores, even one entirely filled with clothes for men. If you walk around the corner you’ll find a hybrid between an american diner and a swedish lunch restaurant called Annabellas Café, where jukebox and pictures of 50’s rock icons are mixed with Kalles Kaviar and hardbread. There are DJ’s and other events held here on a regular basis.

Across the street from Annabellas Café, you’ll find a church and thou it’s purely decorational, it does have a striking resemblance to an actual swedish church.

Outside the infocenter is a map from which you can teleport to the different locations outside the town, like the disc golf course or the Docks, where you can fish or just relax with an icecream cone in hand. It’s also right outside the town where they hold most events, such as live performances by live artists (actual artists, not tribute bands) and such. You’ll find a few residents and stores here too, as well as a seaside club built on top of the water.

If you want a slice of Sweden, this is definatly the place to go!

Music: Varies, but most of the sim is tuned to the swedish radio channel P3 Populär with mostly top-40 songs.

Lag: 1-3 (little to no lag)

Newbie Friendliness: 5 (there’s not much help for new residents, but there’s also not much that you need to know)

Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

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