New Scary Series Starts Next Week

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It’s almost October and we all know what that means. Creepy, Scary and just darn frighting. The Torch loves Halloween, so we’re going to bring you guys a month of scares. Here is what we have so far.

Music Tuesday: The Scariest Songs We’ve Ever Heard. We all have that one song that sends chills down our spines when ever we hear it. So The Torch Team will share their scary song playlist.

Virtual Wednesday: The Haunting of Second Life Continues Last year we Journeyed into the Haunted Places of Second Life, letting you in on the scares that happen during this season and this year we are going to do it again.

Book Friday: Top Ten Grizzly Tales For Kids Part 1 & 2, An Awesome Scary Story: Harold and Comics Galore 3 Twisted Tales From The Mammoth of Horror Comics. Horror is my genre, I love reading horror stories and tales to terrify you. So I’ll treat you with my favourite horror tales.

That is what we have in store for you, I hope you enjoy Halloween at The Torch.

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