New Dolphin Viewer

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Virtual Worlds Simulator, Dolphin has  joined the growing list of viewers to have its own viewer 3 update. Dolphin, which is a viewer for all virtual worlds not just Second Life, have enhancements that are quite popular with builders, sailors and explorers. Based on Linden Lab’s very own source codes, it has its own version of Viewer 1.5, Viewer 2 and has now upgraded to the new Viewer 3 with mesh support.  Developed by Second Life Resident Lance Corrimal, it is compatible with Windows, Linux and Apple Mac operating systems

New Dolphin Viewer 3 is said to have the following:

  • Dolphin Viewer 3 now defaults to its own separate cache folder (users of previous versions need to reset the cache
    Dolphin Viewer 1.5

    location once this version is installed, unless you already set it to its own location)

  • Restrained Love check box in preferences renamed to RLV to make it more consistent with all other RLV options
  • Chat bar hovertip now properly mentions whispering by using shift-enter
  • Linux build works for users of older linux distributions
                                                                                                                                – Lance Corrimal
For more information on Dolphin’s previous viewers and to down load the new viewer 3, Check out the Dolphin Viewer website.

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