MySpace Had Some Good Bands, Didn’t they? Yes they did.

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When I was in college about a million years ago, ( not really like 7-8 years ago) I was really into MySpace bands, there were some really good talent on Wow I just realized that you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Okay?

In 2005-06 there was a website called MySpace and it was Facebook before Facebook….if that makes any sense. Anyways when MySpace was popular it was used mostly for bands, musicians and the like to upload their music and allow users to listen to them.

There were and still are some great bands (and musicians) on MySpace but at their very peek there were three that I just adored and spent my college years enjoying so much and they were, Only, Out of the Grey and Trash Fashion. Back then I had BIAS magazine, (Beauty Is A Sound) which was a fashion and music Magazine that existed mostly on Myspace, I had it for about a year and was so happy to get the opportunity to interview these groups. Without them I don’t think that Indie Music Army aka The Torch Music Guide would have existed because they introduced me to a world of unsigned bands that were really good and gaining a really great fan base.

So for the next couple of weeks I’m take you guys on a trip down memory lane and introduce you all to the bands from MySpace and BIAS that were just awesome.

Starting with….Out Of The Gray….Next Week.

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