My Trip InWorldz

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With such an amazing place as Second Life you never thought that there would be another one! For months now I’ve heard about another virtual world called InWorldz and decided today to give into my curiosity and check  this out. I have to say that InWorldz is a sister Virtual World to Second Life. It being that Second Life is its more popular and more beautiful older sister. It seems to be that IW is what Second Life was a few years ago.

There are several similarities which seems to be quite shocking, it almost as if you can step into InWorldz and when you’re ready you

Desert Island Welcome Area (InWorldz)

can step on a bus and travel across town to Second Life. In IW when you are “born” you land directly into an open welcome area which can be compared to Second Life’s Orientation Island and not it’s highly polished Welcome Island. InWorldz throws you into the mix and  to find your way you must enlist the help of InWorldz Mentors. Friendly people who help you to get settled by directing you to the various freebie stores that are located around the landing spot.

Like Second Life,You are able to use a Marketplace and use virtual currency called OS /I’z compared to SL’s Lindens (L$). Even the way you upload images is different ( Second Life requires you pay 10L$ to upload to images you have taken, while InWorldz is free).

InWorldz has opened a new door for us to explore and we at the Torch SL Guide will happy step through it.

Izzie Morgan (Second Life)
Izzie Morgan (InWorldz)

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