My Trip InWorldz: The Trippest Place Ever!

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Last night I took another trip into the virtual world InWorldz, remembering that I didn’t actually get to see any locations a part from the newcomer friendly landing zone. I logged in with my Imprudence viewer, which I find using Snapshot_007a lot easier than the default viewer and began my search for a good chill out location, I found two clubs that were empty and didn’t really have much to offer but then, I stumbled onto THE most trippy, weird yet really awesome place ever! It is an art sim called Area 54 and I was lucky enough to land when the owner of the place was there.

In Second Life there are a lot of talented and creative builders, I meet and work with  some of them on  daily basis, but this guy, he takes it to a whole new level. His name is Thoth Jantzen and at first glance his avatar looks like a weird mix between Hellraiser’s Pinhead if he were let loose in the Tron Universe.

There is simply no way to explain how creatively brilliant this place is without swearing. It is simply some place that has to be seen to believed.

It is powerful, so magnificent that it actually comes with a health warning! I am not lying, and I am not joking! You are warned against coming to the sim of your suffer from seizures or if you are epileptic due to the rapid flashing lights and the constant changing shapes and colours. So for those of you who can’t come to the sim, I’ll show you some awesome and crazy things that happen in this place, although I don’t really think my pictures can do this place any justice.

Snapshot_012.The Wormhole, the colourful entrance to Area 54.

Next is the:






And there is:




and there is so much more.

By the way the music is awesome, it’s a mix between Trance, House, and Club music. It fits in with the psychedelic atmosphere because the way the sim itself reacts (the lights, the changing of the changes  and everything else) depends on what kind of music is playing. You need the music. For example  there is one song called ‘IBM’ by Rechenzentrum, it is basically the Hal9000 from the 2001: A Space Odyssey singing Daisy while its beginning to malfunction. It is creepy as hell and because of this the walls seem as if they are starting to malfunction as well. Snapshot_015Snapshot_016


However according to Thoth isn’t as complicated as I made it out to be, it plays what ever is on the video/media and since videos normally  go with the music they are placed with it made sense.

Either way I still think this place is brilliant and worth getting an InWorldz account to check out!

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