My Top 10 Nostalgic Christmas Commercials Part 1

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Ah, Christmas, my least favourite holiday, something about all that good will to all men and present giving just stinks of commercial and capitalism. So this year I thought why not look at all the Nostalgic Commercials that came around Christmas time, because you can’t spell Christmas without Kerching! Here are my top ten Nostalgic Christmas Commercials!

10. McDonald’s Runaway

This commercial is simply Nostalgia for me, I remember this being on TV in the 90s around Christmas time. It’s about a little girl named Lindsey who decides she wants to run away from home because everyone in her family says she’s too little. She runs into Ronald McDonald who ‘slyly’ talks her back into going home after reminding her about the things she may miss about being home. It’s sweet and enjoyable. The youngster in me always enjoyed seeing this ad when it ran on TV. I wish I had a neighbour who looked out for me and talked me into going back home when I ran away! However, my adult brain kind of ruined it for me. Why does Ronald know so much about Lindsey’s house? Fair enough that he knows about the basketball hoop over her garage, but the wind chime on her back porch? What? Then it gets really creepy like Ronald stating ‘Who’s going to make the decorations for your dad’s birthday party? Alright Ronald, getting a bit creepy there. Wait how did you know she had a goldfish? Even the poor kid gets creeped out too, she makes an excuse to get the hell outta there! Ronald is creepy looking enough already, Mcdonalds. Did you have to make him a stalker too? McDonald’s, want a restraining order with your fries?

9. Campbell Soup Snowman

I definitely remember this being on TV during the holidays, and I always thought it was scary as hell. The commercial follows a cold snowman going inside a house, he settles down to a bowl of Campbell soup and as he eats it, the snow begins to melt away revealing a little boy inside. Watching it as an adult all I can think is, that’s is still as scary as it was when I was kid but with the added, how the hell did he get inside that snowman? Did the neighbourhood bullies’ do this to him? Where the hell is this kid’s parents? The poor kid is being bullied isn’t he? Poor little guy he’s just looks so relieved to be out of that snow. Why did they give him Campbell soup? Stick him in front of the fire and let him melt first before you give him soup, let the poor kid get some feeling back in his fingers and toes first. You can’t hold a spoon with numb fingers. At least check if he has frostbite, he might need the hospital, he’s got hypothermia! Campbell, Mmm thank god he got better, because someone was going to prison for murder.

8 Folgers Rockepella

Folgers are the best coffee commercials ever. I love Folgers commercials, they were always so fresh and homely to me. It was always people waking up, getting ready for the day and putting on a pot of coffee. In the 90s, it was a family member waking up the rest of the household by just making a cup of the coffee. Just the mere smell of it in the air was enough to pull you out of your sleep, that was the awesome power of Folgers. Then they introduced the Rockapella and my little mind exploded! The Rockapella was an acapella group that appeared in several commercials in the 90s and re-envisioned the Folger’s theme song. I remember humming their version for months after hearing it and when I sing it now, that is the version I sing. The commercials went back to the old style for a while, waking up in the morning and just making yourself a pot of coffee but this time there is an awesome group acapella singing about it. Of course they did a Christmas version which is equally as awesome. Hearing it for the first time in so many years just pulls me back in time with that flash of nostalgia. The best of part of waking up in Folgers in your cup.

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