My Second Look at MHOH6

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Straight after my last post I went and finished MHOH6 and started the daunting task of unpacking and sorting things out. Actually I still have two stores to go but they aren’t open until July 29 so it gives me a few days to crunch through my newly expanded inventory.

Here’s what I’ve unpacked this time around:

Today Steam is wearing:
Glasses – from Kumaki Glasses StyleMHOH  #2
Watch – from Kumaki Glasses StyleMHOH  #2
KC boots – from Kamrek Creations MHOH #7
Addicted shape – from Shapes by Mim MHOH #21
Loki hair – from ME-I MHOH #24
Lip piercing, nose ring and ear rings – from Elemental Earth Design MHOH #54
Gear ring – from Peer MHOH #60
Frey Medium skin – from Reila Skins MHOH #64
Rusty cross necklace – from Canterbury Creative MHOH #80
Saint tattoo – from Wicked Tattoo MHOH #107
Black & white open shirt – from Tink Tattoos & Fashion MHOH #148
Blue leather pants – from ROC MHOH #158
Ghost eyes – from Body Couture MHOH #159
Poses – from oOo Studio (MHOH #59) and Pichanga (MHOH #58)

 You can find all the shop links here:

Stay tuned for more.

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

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