My Fourth Look At MHOH6

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So my unpacking continues and I think I have just about run out of new skins although I do think I saw a few complete avatars amongst the gifts so maybe not! I have plenty of shapes to go and oodles and oodles of clothes, so the unpacking odyssey will continue it seems for some time.

This is what I’ve unpacked this time around:

Stretched ears – from Acide! MHOH #12
Black Jack hair – from [Shag] MHOH #18
Thomas shape – from Under Your Skin MHOH #31
Spikes bracelets – from Lepidoptera MHOH #34
Stella glasses – from Air MHOH #42
Dirty rainbow chucks – from KIWI MHOH #45
Socks – from Jeepers MHOH #55
Black tee – from Peer Style MHOH #69
Black baggy shorts – from Nowhere MHOH #94
Flawless skin – from Style by Kira MHOH #123
Bike gloves – from Unit 8 MHOH #144
Grunged scarf – from Zeery MHOH #160
Etched hair base – from Jomo MHOH #161
Pose – from oOo Studios MHOH #58

You can find all the shop links here:

I guess… .watch this space because I’m pretty sure there is still more…

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

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