Music Review: Liquorstore by The Easton Ellises

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I am a huge fan of trance, house and dance music. I would wither without my daily fix of Mind.In.A.Box or Ryan Farish. So when I saw that The Easton Ellises had dropped us a song and I listened to it, I jumped that chance to review it. ‘Liquor store’ is about a guy who is going through a day of Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong, has gone wrong for him. He gets fired from work because he was late, his girlfriend splits up with him to be with another man, taking their flat (or apartment) and leaves him with nothing but their cat and at this point he just wants to find a liquor store, get some hard alcohol and drink until he forgets this day ever happened. .

I’m a  fan of songs that actually tell a story and this song does, it tells you that he’s having a very bad day and he just wants to get drunk and forget about it. Simple but effective. The upbeat tempo makes  light of the character’s predicament, sure he’s sad about it, but there isn’t really much he could do. He’s very accepting for a guy who told his boss to ‘shove it’ earlier in the song.  This is shown in the second part of the song, when he wakes up with a hang over after crashing on his friends sofa and calls up his girlfriend telling her that he’ll pick up his stuff and just leave, but she tells him that she’s put his stuff in the trash (the bitch!). Off the liquor store he goes again to drown his sorrows. While listening to this song I kept thinking how different it would be if the tempo was a bit slower and it was made into a ‘sad’ song, then I watched the video and I was glad they thought against doing it because…the ending to the video would have anyone gasp in shock. Wow, he was having a very bad day.

Liquor store is really one those songs you can relate to, everyone has a day when everything that can go wrong just does go wrong. The lyrics, melody and tempo makes it a catchy song that will stick in your head. Overall, it’s a really great song, although I didn’t care for the ending of the music video, that was just sad. I liked it better when I thought it was just him going to get some beers, getting drunk and just say F it as he tries to get over the crappy day he just had,  happy that he got rid of his bitchy girlfriend.

The Easton Ellises

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