Music Review – Green Death

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Iowa-based death metal band Green Death takes off where ONLY left but with more force. Their mission: to shake the stagnant metal scene!

The core members of ONLY, Sol Bales, Erich Tran, Sparky Reinking, Parker Willis and Nick Svoboda decided to take their music one step further from the rock-scene and blended with Thrash, Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Rock, and Punk to create the new beast called Green Death. With a heavier arsenal of sounds they took the metal scene with storm and conquered the genre from the underground. In fact, they are so far underground that lead singer Sol Bales uses a shovel as mic stand!

To date, the band has two EP’s released, Dawn of the Death that was released last year and Death Monks, released earlier this year.  Dawn of the Death has three tracks that I will take a closer look at today.

First out is the self titular Green Death.

Green Death starts with a recording of a monologue from what seems to be the confessions of a condemned man backed with heavy chords from a guitar. The monologue transitions into Sol’s singing as the drums kicks in and the rest of the instruments takes the stage, creating an ever rising crescendo.

This is a great introductory track, it is short but to the point and leaves you wanting more. The next track delivers just that!

Second track is Possessions, featuring Anders Colsefni

As Green Death seemed to be mostly intro, Possessions lacks intro and throws you directly into the action. The drums, bass and guitar starts out strong and the voice of Sol screams the lyrics at you, shortly thereafter Colsefni (known from Slipknot and Painface) joins in and it becomes a sort of death metal duet.

Possessions shows Green Deaths experience and mastering of their respective instrument and their way to make what should have been noise into apocalyptic, yet harmonic music.

The last track is The Devil’s Hand/Bathed in Black

Taking several steps back and running forward in a new direction, this track starts with a harmonic guitar riff and a long intro. Sol is singing “normally” on this track, which along with the change in pace and tune makes this song into a more traditional heavy metal song, almost sounding like trash (the genre, of course). This is the longest track on Dawn of the Death and it shows the versatility of the band. This isn’t a one-note band, Green Death will surprise you at every turn.

If I was to sum up Green Death in one single word, it would be unpredictable. Their changes in pace and varied style is a breath of fresh air on the metal scene.

You can find out more about Green Death, find tour dates, get in contact with them and listen to their songs on their website.

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