Music Review: Dawn Heist – ZENITH

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Like most others, I get a lot of messages on Youtube with video shares. Unlike many others, I actually enjoy these, since it’s often people who have seen me comment on other videos and feel their video is relevant to my interests. I find the user-shared videos to be a lot more relevant than any of Youtube’s own “related” algorithms.

One such submission was a new single from a fairly unknown band called Dawn Heist. As they are fairly unknown yet, there isn’t much information about them out there, so this review will be on the content of the song they sent me rather than the band itself. The song was from their latest album Catalyst, released earlier this year, and is called ZENITH.

The song starts off with a sort of mystical, reverbed guitar that creates a feeling of calm, before a single drum hit chocks you out of this feeling. With an expertly put pause before the second guitar ramps things up, I got chills running up my spine. When the vocal sets in it was not at all what I was expecting, it’s not the growling that the music suggested it should be, but clear, audible vocals.

Zenith is hard to put in any category, it seems to be a blend between the trashier music of bands like Cradle of Filth or Marilyn Manson blended with the more sombre notes of bands like Black Sabbath or Kind Diamond. When the vocal kicks in, you get an almost NuMetal feel of the song, but the grittiness is still lingering in the background.

The song is well produced and expertly performed, this is not your average garage band. It is clear that Dawn Heist has a lot of experience and I find it a shame that they don’t have more exposure than they have right now. I cannot figure out why this isn’t a household name yet, because they clearly have both the talent and the production value to hit the big arenas. I really hope they will get more recognition in the near future, especially since they announced as late as today on their Facebook page that Catalyst will reach a global release on November 15th 2013.

You can get Zenith and other Dawn Heist songs from iTunes, or listen to them directly from their Youtube channel.

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