Music Fun: Sing Your Heart Out With Karaoke Party

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The things we come up with to cure our boredom, Youtube, Facebook and now Karaoke Party. Yes I said “Karaoke “, you all just cringed didn’t you? Well never fear, you can enjoy this in your house, on you own, all you need a microphone, your computer and the internet.

Karaoke Party is a free online music service that allows its users to enjoy the freedom of Karaoke, with out the embarrassment that might come with it..well that’s unless you want to share it with friends. KP allows you to record yourself while singing, battle other users and even challenge your friends to beat your score.

How did this come to be?

The Swedes of course, that’s right Karaoke Party was created in 2007 by a privately held Swedish company called Karakoparty Online Gaming AB. According to the site all the music that is featured are cover versions done by professional musicians. For covers they sound very close to the real thing participatory Nightwish’s Nemo, which I listened to a lot ( since it’s my favourite song) and to a lesser extend Gangum Style does sound a lot like Psy.

It’s great for practising your singing talent and the more you play the better you get at hitting pitches . Karaoke Party is actually pretty fun, especially when done with another person or a group of people, because embarrassing yourself with other people is always fun but you don’t have toyou can just sing for your own entertainment.

If you want to give it a try just head over to website, and sign up, it’s free and for everyone. So go on sign up and sign your heart out with Karaoke Party,

Listen to Morphman & KennieM butcher some classic songs.

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