Music: Cassettes are not dead yet

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Do you remember the good old days when music came on large, plastic discs? Ironically, these were named Compact Discs, even thou they are at least three times the size of your entire current music player. Before the CD, there was an even stranger way to store audio: The analogue cassette!
The cassette contained a magnetized band that stored the audio, and as such it was very dangerous to store magnets and cassettes together, if you wanted to keep your music. Most of you probably haven’t owned a cassette player in at least 10 years, but the cassette’s lifespan has been slightly enhanced by the new release from the UK based band LOOM.

In a rather odd homage to their inspirations, LOOM along with their studio, Hate Hate Hate Records, will release a limited 200 cassettes with five tracks. These five tracks are all covers from the bands they have taken influences from. The five tracks are:

  • Seasick (Originally by Jesus Lizard)
  • Big Take Over (Bad Brains)
  • Warsaw (From Warsaw, currently known as Joy Division)
  • Caribou (Pixies)
  • Bite It You Scum (GG Allin)

To count down to the release of this limited edition cassette, LOOM will release the tracks in order, one per day, starting today (August 12). They will also hold a special performance at The Old Blue Last in London, free of admission fees, on August 22nd and at The Black Heart in London from September 4th and 3 weeks forward.

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