More Precise Thoughts | The Tell Tale Heart

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The Tell Tale Heart is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous works, with it’s final scene being the most famous part. So when being placed in the story it seems most apt that you’d go into the pivotal scene. It is a good way to introduce people to the story, and perhaps the other works of Poe. By making it interactive and not just being placed in the world means that people can get engrossed by that world.

The 2.5D graphics and the sounds design gives the game a very unique style. Especially when combines with the very monochrome colouring. It very much fits into the morose style of Poe. Then having the voice of the victim whispering in your ear through the whole time adds a sense of weight to when the police arrive.

The questioning by the police is the most interesting part as it gives you the option to get away with the murder as well as confess as the story goes. It adds moments of tension while also giving replayability.

While being very short, it has many references to other works by Poe and delivers you deep in to that world while delivering some backstory about the victim and the story of The Tell Tale Heart. With the studio turning their eyes on to another work by Poe, The House of Usher, I’m very much looking forward to see what they can come up with.

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