More Precise Thoughts: ETC: The RPG Gameplay

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The one thing that “ETC: The RPG” has going for it is knowledge of its source material. Although just in the few months since it was made, the source has dated a fair amount with the departure off the main Machinima and the leaving of Hundar to the YouTube Cow Chop group. I can even see that Joel’s move from Funhaus for SorceFed was mid-production through a thrown in line in the games finale. (A quick search shows that it could have been a change counted in days before release.)

As a small project, the game does it’s job. A simple art style with simple sound design. The combat system is unique going for a block breaker style mini-game. It works very well with only one piece of criticism: With the enemy stats being randomized when you fight them, you can end up having an enemy with most or all of their stats in defense, which means that their attacks are slow and easily blocked but their defense is near impenetrable. The way I got round it is by attacking the far side with tiny wall bounce at the end meaning that the enemy defense paddle jumps sideways as the attack hits, getting in a hit. It never felt like it was a purpose design choice or not as it always felt like I was glitching the game in doing it.

The only other criticism on the game involves that last timing puzzle. With the tight rooms and the fast spawning enemies that home-in to the player, the ability to do it is entirely random. The way I finished it was to start a fight near the spawner before pressing the switch as it limits the amount of enemies that spawn, then doing the run. If the enemy weren’t homing or if the room was bigger then it would be less random chance.

All in all, the game uses the ETC source as a good jumping off point and make a nicely filled games out of it. While not perfect, it is a nice homage to the channel. Past and present.

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