More News from Fantasy Faire!

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More news from Fantasy Faire, this time  the names of each sim as well as the builder of each sim was announced.

You can also read a description of each sim! All information was released on the official Fantasy Faire blog:

Crimson Fields (by Laufey Markstein) – The field of Oblivion will be built as a homage to Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series, and will feature a central, gothic and ominous dark tower, in a wide open field of overgrown thorns and scarlet red roses. The stores builds will hint at the long-gone remains of similar gothic structures, roof-less, with time-eroded stone walls entwined in overgrown rose thorns.

The DragonSpire (by Khyle Sion) – A barren land of stone and crystal, hiding its lavish secrets beneath the shell of the earth. The native Goblins, Drow, Dwarves and Nixies reside in the fruitful tunnels, lorded over by a Dragon and his horde. Veined with phosphorescent ores, freshwater streams and exotic fungi, these deep caverns hold remnants of a lost civilization.

Evensong Woods (by Searlait Nitschke) – Resting in the treetops of is the elven enclave of Yuale Nura. Bathed in moonlight, the homes glow warm in the deep blues and purples of a winter’s night. A light dusting of snow gives the impression of undisturbed slumber, but perhaps all is not as quiet as first impressions suggest.

Lotus Valley Dream (by Marcus Inkpen/ Sharni Azalee) – The spirit world touches the material plane in this garden of bonsai trees and waterfalls surrounding an ancient pagoda. With such mystical elegance everywhere you look, this is a place to still your mind and connect with the magic within.

Lumenaria (by Kayle Matzerath) – A vast City with lots of colorful houses, shops and a huge castle where the main streets meet. A tribute to the sun and all the golden harmony it brings, the city of Lumenaria is a beacon of hope to any who seek refuge from the dark.

Magnificat (by Alia Baroque) – The Relay Royales kindly invite you to their summer palace and gardens for a week of divertissment, plays, games and leisure to Celebrate Life and Magnify our Souls.

Ravenshard (by Mayah Parx) – Where beauty has lost its perfection to a collection of twisted shards reflecting the wondrously literalistic minds of Burton, Pratchett, and Dahl. The lands will be distinct. The shops anything but square, and some may even have feet! Be warned. It’s funky, it’s fun, and it’s anything but straight!

Titans Hollow (by Elicio Ember) – The cliff city of Caras Calar dangles high above ground, suspended from the fickle rock formations. The Structures are made of a filigree of crystal, wood and metal, and hung with gigantic chains from the columnar cliffs giving the appearance from below of huge floating lanterns. The sunken valley over which the city hangs is forested with strange vegetation and irrigated from waterfalls plunging from the sheer cliffs. Legend has it a battle between ancient gods created this strange scenery.

Fantasy Faire starts on Saturday, April 20 and will last until Sunday, April 28. The event is a fundraiser in support of Relay for Life of SL and includes shopping, music, auctions, hunts, and of course fantasy roleplaying!

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