More Free Stuff For Blokes a.k.a. Smooth Operator

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I remember once someone complained to me there isn’t any decent free stuff around for men…. au contraire was and still is my answer.. you just need to look harder and have a little more patience but we are all blokes right and we’ve got patience in spades…. well maybe some of us!

Today Steam is wearing:
Skin – Belleza: Thomas V2, group gift (L$250 to join)
Eyes – Sterling Artistry: July lagoon, gift
Earings – sf designs: Earings, gift from Mimi’s Choice
Hat with hair – sf designs: Mens hat, gift
Sunglasses – elysion optic: sunglasses, gift from Team Ash
Shirt/pants/belt – [ROC]: Mens Freebie
Bracelet –miel: CHUM bracelet, subscriber gift
Shoes – SANTO: Superstars, gift
Poses – Photos taken for free at the Free Photography Studio and Mall and edited in GIMP

As always please do note the items featured were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

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