Modeling In Second Life

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For those of you who haven’t realised yet you can pretty much do any thing that you put your mind to in Second Life. From writing a blog about Second Life clothing, to making clothes and selling them to even showing off these clothes to others, Modelling is a very popular industry in Second Life. Just like real life it opens a different world that isn’t normally seen by regular users.

In Second Life there are four types of Modelling: Runway, Print Model, Editorial and Live Model. Live models, refers to the models that are used in clothing stores who greet customers as they land. These are the most common to be seen by other SL users. While Runway, Print Model,and Editorials are more exclusive and require practice. For these there are a lot of Modelling schools and academies, that teach you what you need to learn about being a model. The Torch SL Guide got an insight into this industry by talking to the top modelling academy in Second Life, InWorld Inc which is also a part of the Second Life’s Journalism industry with InWorld Magazine. We were able to interview Maya Sharpshire, the CEO of InWorld, who has been a part of the Modeling industry since 2009 when she opened her first Model Academy called POSH Management, this evolved into today’s InWorld Model Institute.

Any one can be a model, but not everyone can be famous it depends on how hard they work.” Says the InWorld CEO, “My main vision is to help create new and fresh models for SL because there currently a lot of famous faces out there but eventually they will need new ones on the scene. I just love to teach new models, it’s a part of the challenge of keeping everything new and fresh and the truth is as a model you can’t have much money. The Modeling and Fashion Industries in Second life are both number one and by becoming a model you will have a lot opportunities opened to up to you. If you work hard enough maybe one day you can be Mr or Miss Virtual World. “

InWorld is always willing to help newcomers who are interested in learning how to walk down the virtual catwalk. “It is hard and the modelling world in Second Life is just as competitive as it is in real life, so we do what we can to help those who are dedicated and willing to put in the work that is needed to become successful.” 

Lessons with InWorld cost a wooping 5000Lindens (13 GBP or 20 USD) for regular classes, according to Maya, there has been talk about giving free classes but nothing has been decided yet. Fingers crossed it happens because you never know which newcomer could be the next big Second Life Mr and Miss Virtual World. 

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    1. I am a designer and I know how hard it is to find a good print model. The 5000L is not for learning to walk – it is to find the right shape, skin, hair etc for a unique look and learn styling options,. Even some of the good looking models are not good at styling. It does take lot of training and effort to produce a good model!

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