Mobile Productivity – Top android apps to help your business (or schoolwork)

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With mobile units increasing exponentially in popularity and sneaking into our everyday life, it’s time to put some of those resources to good use and let your tablet or phone work for you.

Today I will take you through some of the apps that have helped us get the most productivity out of our business while on the move (or basically anywhere where you don’t have access to your computer). This list isn’t ranked in any way, so the order is not really that important, all these apps have different uses and it’s up to you to see if it fits your business or work.

Android-VNC-Viewer (with VNC software on your computer) free

VNC is an open source, free (for private use) system that lets you share your computer screen and functions to any computer or device in the world. You set up a VNC server on your computer (I use the free software TightVNC that has some encryption for safety) and set up permissions, then log in using Android-VNC-Viewer. You can now see and control everything on your computer using your tablet or phone (really recommend tablet for this one, as the screen is quite small on a phone).

This is also a good piece of software if you need to give several others control of your computer for things like pair programming or joint writing, but beware of who you let on, because as long as the server is up, they will have FULL control of your computer and see it just like you see it.

OpenDocument Readerfree

Formerly known as OpenOffice Document Reader, this free app lets you view the most common types of document from both paid license and free license document writers right on your mobile device. Great for reviewing documents, reading scripts or proofreading content on the move. The OpenDocument Reader makes all documents have reactive design, meaning it will fit any screen, big or small, and will always be easy to read without losing any design. For most types of documents it will also retain the paging numbers, with advanced search functions for words or pages and easy quick-nav to pages by numbers.

Evernote free

Taking notes have never been easier than with Evernote. No matter what way you want to make notes, by typing, freehand writing or recording voice, you can do it with Evernote. You can even mix types of noting within the same note. You can also sync it with a cloud drive of your choice (such as Google Drive) for quick sharing, scheduling or backup. There is a good reason why Evernote has been the Editors Choice on Google Play Store since it came out.

Swiftkey TabletUS$4.99

Swiftkey Tablet is the first keyboard replacement that have tablets in mind. Are you tired of having to switch to Portrait Mode because the keys are too far apart or to have your keys too close together when you are in Portrait Mode? Swiftkey Tablet offers different layouts depending on situation. In Landscape you have the option to have a split keyboard with letters on each side, easily reached with your thumbs and a number pad in the middle, clearly separated from the letters, for number typing calculator style without having to switch between screens (as you have to do with the default keyboard).

It costs about $5 but if you have to spend money on something, this would be the app you should get. It will not only save you time, it will make your tablet more ergonomic and therefore save you from typing-related injuries such as stressed tendons.

Google Translate free

If you, like us, work with people from all over the world, you would want to be able to understand what they say and make them understand you without any needs to switch languages. The app version of Google Translate makes this ridiculously easy with 60+ languages and the app-specific Real-Time Conversation Mode, that lets you talk to someone directly without having to copy-paste texts. You both go on the app and start typing in your own language and read real-time translations of the other persons messages in your own language.

You can also listen to pronunciations of words or sentences, making it possible for you to translate when in another country and ask questions to passer-bys with just the click of a button.

File Manager HDfree

If you, like me, have a file structure on your tablet that is mostly identical to that of your computer, you might want to browse files, folders and apps like you do on your computer too. File Manager HD gives you an interface that is very similar to the File Explorer on your computer, with all of the functions you have there too, such as copy/paste folders or files, moving folders or files and getting a good overlook of your files and folders.

Mindjet free

If you are a fan of mind mapping, Mindjet is the app for you. Create an easy-to-use, easily navigable mind map in minutes on the go with this mindblowing app. I mostly use it to create maps of the workload for smaller teams to quickly see who is supposed to do what.

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